Mobdro error. No Video

Mobdro is undergoing an update, currently sound is available but video isn’t. It will fix itself automatically, or mobdro will push another update which will fix the video.

Update- Mobdro released an update that fixes the video issue.

Adjust Kodi Display Screen to your tv

We rarely get asked this question, but from time to time, customer ask if they can change the display in kodi to fit their tv screen. You can and direction to do that are as follows.

  • Launch kodi, and scroll over and click on Systems Tabs OR click the power tab and choose Settings 
  • Then you will see a menu, click System
  • Under Display there is an option called Video Calibration
  • Click that and follow directions.

Check The Log for More Information? (ERROR MESSAGE)

This is a standard message, all it means is that the link you are using is no longer working, you have to try a different link when this comes up, or try a different Add-on if it comes up constantly on all the links you choose.

” To play this video Authorization is required” or “OpenLoad Pair” message Fix

Some links require you to pair your unit in order for the link to work.

Simple fix

  • Connect your laptop or Cell phone to your Wifi
  • Go to the website listed, usually its will be or something along those lines
  • Click the video authorize button, follow directions on the screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click pair (only some website require this)

Things not to do in Kodi

  • You never want to click Clear Data, it will erase everything installed inside Kodi.
  • You don’t want to click Clear Thumbnails inside the Raw maintenance App under the Programs tab.
  • If you’re inside Ares Wizard Program, you don’t want to install any wizard build, it will erase your current setup. You also don’t want to choose the Fresh Start option, it will erase everything installed in kodi

Background wallpaper changed or looks different?

From time to time the AEON NOX wallpaper we have installed updates itself, when it does, you will need to change your skin back, its very simple to do, and rarely happens.

  • Go to Systems-Interface- Skins- Change it from Confluence to AEON NOX
  • If for some reason you do not see AEON Nox as an option, click get more and then choose AEON NOX

Even if you don’t change the background to AEON NOX, the device should work the same, it will only have a different background.


From time to time you will see a message appear when you launch kodi. It will always make it seem as if you need to update Kodi, this is a common practice with Kodi when a new version of Kodi is released. Updating kodi is not necessary, newer versions usually are not significantly different but directions below walk you through updating kodi version itself.

Note: If your unit is year old or older, it’s best to mail it back, to have it completely reprogrammed by us. Also, It is always best to wait to have Kodi updated, because many addons will take up to a few weeks to update and wont be compatible with the newer version of Kodi right away.

If your unit is running on a Kodi version older than 17, these update directions should not be used, because it will erase the setup. These update directions only apply to units running on some version of Kodi 17. During programming, our units are patched to protect it against any security flaws (such as those fixed by kodi version 17.3), so direction below are not necessary for protection but provided for people that want to update their unit anyway.


  • These directions are to update any version of Kodi 17 to kodi 17.4 ONLY. Do not update past Kodi 17.4, Kodi 18 is not a stable release
  • Note: Kodi 17.5 was recently released but some users are experiencing crashing issues, Do Not  Update to 17.5, until we have fully tested it and confirmed there are no bugs that need to be addressed. Once it is safe to update, we will say so here.
  • Go to Settings-Applications-Manage INSTALLED Application-Kodi-CLICK FORCE STOP
  • Then click back and in the Manage Installed Applications list, you will see “APP STARTER” Click Launch.
  • Then click on “UPDATES”, go to update option for KODI, and click “check for update”, if youre running 17 and want to update to a later version of 17, thats ok, but if you update to 18 for example, it will erase all content inside Kodi.
  • Click on button that says Update to latest version of Kodi, wait for kodi to update, Click Install, Then click Open

Question Mark error page (Blank page or (<-..) when you search inside an add-on?)

Launch Kodi, go to any add-on (exodus for example), and search for any movie. If the search results come back empty, press the left button, and change setting from watched to All Videos.

Adding your city to the weather tab

  • Go to the weather tab, click on it, then click the left button that brings up the options
  • click settings, it will give you options to add more locations, choose your city.

How to remove addons (adult addons and others)

These directions can be applied to any add-on that is giving you an error message and isn’t working, or an add-on you don’t need, or families that don’t want adult addons.

  • You simply launch kodi, and go to the All Add-on tab
  • Then go to the add-on you no longer want, and click the button with 3 lines on it (the menu button)
  • Then click on information, and click on Uninstall
  • Its that simply

Where is the adult content located?

When you launch kodi, you will see several tabs, such as live sports, Videos, Kidszone, Programs, International Tv, Live Tv, Music, All Addons Etc. All the addons are under these tabs so its easy to use for the viewer. Adult content is under the All Add-on tab, so it’s not easily accessible by children.

Subtitles in Kodi

Subtitles in Kodi can be hit or miss. While a video is playing in kodi, press the pause button to see a menu show up on the screen. To the right side of the menu, there is a subtitles option, it may or may not work depending on the video you’re watching. There are usually several options to choose from.

Changing volume inside Kodi

when a video in kodi is playing, you can press the pause button, a menu will show up on the screen. On the left side of the menu, there is a volume option, you can turn the volume up and down from there.

Adding movies, tv shows or an Add-on to the favorite lists

  • First you search for your favorite show within the add-on itself
  • OR go to ALL ADDONS tab, click on it to see all the installed addons, go to the one you want added to your favorites tab.
  • Once you have found the show or Addon. Using your remote, press the menu button and a screen will appear.
  • This screen will give you several options, including the option “add to favorites.”
  • Now back out to Kodi’s home page, scroll over to favorites tab, click on it, and you will see your favorite list.

Adjust Android Tv Box’s home screen to fit your tv screen

If the Android home screen needs to be adjusted, which is is pretty rare, Go to settings-Display-Screen Position. It will give you the option to adjust the display so it fits your tv screen perfectly. Do not touch the other settings. Follow these directions from the Android home page, not from inside kodi.

If you don’t have a display option under settings, click on the apps option, and choose Droid Settings- Display- Screen position

Kodi launches to a black screen or Freezes?

  • Do not unplug the power to the unit while kodi is running, in some cases it has erased Kodi’s content. Go to the power tab to exit Kodi properly. OR
  • Press the home button to get to the main screen, Click on settings- Apps- Scroll down to Kodi- Click Force stop, then Click Clear cache (NOT DATA, that will erase everything inside Kodi) and go back to android tv’s home screen and launch Kodi again.

NOTE: Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minute to make sure all the add ons are updated, and then start using the unit. Using it while its trying to update add ons often cause it to freeze.


  • When the unit first turns on, you will see several programs on the main screen for easy access like Kodi and others.
  • First thing you need to do is connect to your Internet. Go to the settings option, which has a wifi option to connect your unit to your wifi. (You may also hardwire an ethernet cable, which is preferred for best performance).
  • Find your wifi name, type in your password using your remote and click connect.
  • Then use the programs on the home screen like Youtube, web browser, Google Play store or Kodi to start experimenting with the unit’s capabilities.
  • NOTE: Mouse function on remote- eventually it will be necessary to use. It’s a very simple yet useful function on the remote. You simply click the mouse button on the remote which activates the mouse option so you can click anywhere on the screen. Pressing the mouse option again will turn the mouse remote off, and return it to a regular remote.

Error Message “Memory Full, Please delete some apps”

  • Go to Settings-applications-manageinstalledapplications-Kodi-clear cache (not data)
  • Then launch Kodi, go to the favorites tab, and click on Clear cache-raw maintenance.

Kodi launches to a black screen or Freezes?

  • First press the home button to get out of kodi and on to the Amazon fire tv Home page.
  • Then Go to settings- applications- manage installed applications- Kodi- CLICK Force stop
  • Then click Clear Cache (NOT Clear Data, that will erase everything inside kodi)
  • Finally Launch Kodi and let it sit for 5 minutes so it can update without interruption.

NOTE: Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minute to make sure all the add ons are update, and then start using the unit. Using it while its trying to update add ons often cause it to freeze.

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